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Thread: "Refurbished Gibson"

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    Default Re: "Refurbished Gibson"

    Thankfully I didn't have any coffee in my mouth when I clicked. You need to warn folks before posting things like this. Sheesh.
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    Default Re: "Refurbished Gibson"

    It would be a shame to let this become history with no pictures. The verbiage from the ad is:

    Hummingbird, refurbished Gibson acoustic guitar made in Korea, excellent shape. Asking $500 without case. Case is for dreadnought guitar and is new so asking $600 with case. Will not sell case by self unless gibson sells without it.
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    Years ago I was looking around a pawn shop at their guitars. A nice lady who was the owner told me that she had a couple other nicer guitars "in the back" if I wanted to see them. I said "sure." She brought them out and placed them on the jewelry counter. "I've got a Gibson and a Fender! The Gibson is $1500 and the Fender is $1000." The "Gibson" wasn't a Gibson, but a $40 import dreadnought in a chipboard case. This was before the era of readily available online peghead decals -- so the former owner made it a Gibson by clipping the word "Gibson" from a string pack paper and gluing it on the peghead! I passed.....politely.

    The "Fender" OTOH, was a fairly rare actual Fender, 1975 Starcaster in natural finish with original case in near mint condition. I told her I would purchase the Fender. (worth about $4000) Her credit card terminal was one of the old "land line" models that shared the store's telephone, slow in other finally went through, but it seemed to take 5 or 6 minutes before it spit out my receipt! A happy day for pawn shopping!

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    Thanks Mike - ya I forgot to say "No financial interest" on my part.

    And sorry about that Eric! I realized too late that I should have included lol or something in the title - as it is I'm afraid it's going to waste time for folks searching for legitimate instruments..

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    Yeah, almost shot ginger ale through my nose! Wow, what a “Nosbig!”
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    I saw the Meters at Tipatina's in 1990. Leo Nocentelli was playing a Starcaster- the first and last time I have seen one but I do remember the razzmatazz when the guitar was launched back in the mid-70s. As for the concert, I was hoping for something in the Dr John groove but I was not to be rewarded thus.

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    Listing's been revised to take out "Gibson" -- which might mean no deception was intended, the seller just thought Hummingbird = Gibson and, when told otherwise, corrected the ad.

    On the other hand, still asking $500, which is unrealistic. The $100 hardshell case, less so, but you can't buy the case without the guitar...
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