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Thread: New picks - Flow, Wegen, Primetones

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    Default New picks - Flow, Wegen, Primetones

    I picked up a couple of guitars and dropped off a mandolin at the Mass Street repair folks. While there I bought a few sets of picks, some already familiar to me (Dunlop 1.5mm small triangle Primetones, which I've been using for about six months) as well as some new styles- Wegen TF140 and Dunlop Flow 1.5mm picks. I tried both the new styles and liked them both, lol. Each had a nice feel and different but still nice sound. It seems like I used to be more tied to a particular pick, but at the moment it seems like I can use any of four or five different kinds of picks and still be quite happy!
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    Default Re: New picks - Flow, Wegen, Primetones

    Donít know how I missed this. Iím sure there isnít a person out there who doesnít have a jar full of picks bought and rejected at little expense. Now however, we have BlueChips and Red Bear and all kinds of boutique brands tha make for much more expensive experimentation. But just yesterday I tried a new to me product called Pickerís Grip, and it came with two cheap celluloid picks. I picked up the heavy pick and played away with no problem whatever. I currently use BC, Wegen, and Primetones, all of which are different, and all of which I can easily use.

    Thickness is a far greater importance to me now. I guess I choose BC as my favorite, but can play fine with anything. I just donít want another jar with thirty dollar rejects in it.
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    Default Re: New picks - Flow, Wegen, Primetones

    I agree with Br1ck, I had an episode of PAS last year, I went to various sites and bought a bunch of picks in my favorite thickness (0,75-0.8mm) and played with them all. BC and Charmed Life are still my favorites, although there are some acceptables out there too. it was a fun experiment, and because picks are relatively cheap, not too costly amusement.

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    Default Re: New picks - Flow, Wegen, Primetones

    I've been favoring the Dunlop Big Stubby (Lexan, 3mm) lately for the brilliant tone I get from it, but I also like the Primetone 1.5mmm Triangle (512P1.5) and 2mm Standard (510P2.0). The Wegen TF140 is also nice. The Wegen M250, while it doesn't produce as bright a tone as the others, makes smooth and fast tremolo very easy.
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