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    Hello, Iím a member of The Gear Page and I was referred here. My Girlfriend owns a Mandolin and was looking to sell it but have no idea of the value Of the instrument it is a Gibson Master model F5G Custom. Inside the f hole is Charlie Derrington signature as the builder. The instrument Itís been sitting on her wall since 1998 who won the mandolin in a contest and it has a Winterhawk bluegrass festival name plate on the headstock. Would Any information on this even the local dealership couldnít put a value on it.

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    Well to the right buyer as Derrington signed mandolins are pretty good I think you could ask 4500 or so if all is fine with the neck from hanging on the wall?

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    Condition is going to dictate the resale.
    There's nothing better than first-hand experience.

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    How about some pics:
    - Front/back full
    - Peghead front/back
    - Body front/back
    - Case

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