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Thread: Nirvana/Temple of the Dog?

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    Default Nirvana/Temple of the Dog?

    I'm looking to play "In Bloom" (more like Sturgill Simpson than Nirvana) or "Hunger Strike". I'm kind of a crummy singer, but I can sing those songs so I thought I'd try to play along.

    Does anyone know them on mandolin?

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    Oh - or Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam.

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    Default Re: Nirvana/Temple of the Dog?

    I play lots of Pearl Jam on the mandolin, both of those songs should be easily done I would think.

    I have not done yellow Ledbetter.

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    Default Re: Nirvana/Temple of the Dog?

    Thanks for the encouragement - found a couple of easy versions online for guitar - and I can read enough music to fake it from there - figured I'd share:
    (I have small hands and am not great with chords, but these are all easy 1st position deals with like 1 finger changes between repeated pairs)

    I am having trouble getting the url for hunger strike to copy - but let's try this:

    in standard notation - but it's super easy. I'm trying to play the low D with 2nd finger on G so I can change string for the rest of the pattern (so I don't deaden the sound of the open D when I put my finger down to play the G) but the notes are recognizable... just need to find a way to get longer resonance on that 1st 16th in each set.

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    So the Temple of the Dog song is easy as Stompbox suggested - but I don't like what I've done with it so far (that bass note sounds like it's under a blanket) and think this might be my first foray into... alternate tunings - if I figure something out I'll update.

    I've been playing a year - screwing with the tuning, as long as I go down and not up, isn't like a high level thing, right? Will I regret this? I played the viola for 30... actually 36, forgetting my age... 36 years before picking up the mandolin - I feel intimidated sometimes but, well I have a cheap instrument with cheap strings so I should just have at it and if I break a string, just replace it, right? It's not really like screwing with my viola.

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    I just learned Screaming Trees “Shadow of the Season” today, it sounds great on the mandolin! I a lot of 90s rock on the mandolin!

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