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Thread: Pay The Reckoning's "Irish Mandolin" Webpage - Now Resurrected

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    Default Pay The Reckoning's "Irish Mandolin" Webpage - Now Resurrected

    Apologies for a second post in a little while about the new website I've started to put together. I wouldn't normally run two posts about - ostensibly - the same topic in such quick succession. However I think this news will be of some interest to people who've been following discussions about Irish mandolinery on this site for a while...

    Some time ago a bunch of fabulous, generous, kind musicians donated tracks to me which I hosted on a former website "Pay The Reckoning". This particular part of the site was designed to showcase the mandolin's and mandolinists' contribution to Irish (and, as it turned out, Scottish) traditional music.

    Pay The Reckoning is now a thing of the past. Long story and not very interesting. But sadly before its demise I didn't think to take a copy of the site and so this wonderful mandolin showcase was lost.

    Until now! Thanks to a tip-off from a friend (I owe you one!), I've been able to resurrect this part of the former Pay The Reckoning website - preserved more or less in aspic from a very long time ago. (I've not been able to track down original versions of a handful of the tunes I showcased so some of the links will take you to a part of the web which I didn't know existed - The Wayback Machine! Not so easy to download mp3s from there - but grand for listening...)

    Drum roll ... here's the address!

    To those who donated tracks, some specially recorded for the Pay The Reckoning showcase, I hope you don't mind me re-using them in this new setting. If you do so mind, please DM me via the mandolin cafe site or by email (address on the page above) and I'll delete the recordings.

    And now - to those of you who would like to see your mandolinery featured in a website devoted to Irish Trad Music on mandos ('lins, 'las or 'cellos), please please get in touch. Now that I'm back in action, there's no need for this showcase to remain static. I'm very happy (make that extremely delighted!) to feature new tunes, new artists, new tunes from existing artists...

    Listen, enjoy and let me know what you think.

    Very best.


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    Default Re: Pay The Reckoning's "Irish Mandolin" Webpage - Now Resurrecte

    Cool, I took a brief glance, looks cool. I'm new to the mandolin world, so new that I don't even have a mandolin yet, although I had one in the past. Anyway, Celtic is the direction that I'd like to go.

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    Default Re: Pay The Reckoning's "Irish Mandolin" Webpage - Now Resurrecte

    Ahaa, there is Corey Ticknor's set alive and well. Hadn't heard it in years. Thanks a lot for that.
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    Default Re: Pay The Reckoning's "Irish Mandolin" Webpage - Now Resurrecte

    Hi Aidan,

    Great to see these tunes again. As I mentioned in your other thread, I made a local backup of your site back in 2006 -- there are 66 MP3s on my hard disk. If you send me a PM with your email address and a list of the files you're missing, I'll send them over so that they can be reunited with your site!



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    Default Re: Pay The Reckoning's "Irish Mandolin" Webpage - Now Resurrecte

    @Kookaburra. You’ve made a good start, simply by following this site. No one here was born with a mandolin in our hands (although many of us rarely have one out of our hands these days...). So at some point in our lives we decided to take the plunge!

    @Bertram. Thanks for the kind words (and you’ll see that you get an honourable mention in the roll of honour!)

    @Martin. Many thanks. Might take me a a day or two to get around to emailing you. But keep an eye out.


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