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Thread: playing my Nordwall 10-string cittern from Sweden

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    Default playing my Nordwall 10-string cittern from Sweden

    Hi all!

    Wanted to share a little video of me playing a really cool instrument. This is a 10-string cittern from Swedish luthier Mats Nordwall. I custom ordered this two years ago, and through the whole process (including getting a needed repair squared away) Mats has been a stand up guy and a true artist.

    It's tuned CFCGC low to high, and has an interesting feature of nylon bass strings on the lower two octaved courses, which lets the instrument have a thin top with lattice bracing and be very responsive. It's very loud and very sweet. Looking for many more years with this baby!

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    Default Re: playing my Nordwall 10-string cittern from Sweden

    Sounds great !
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