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    Hello, I was curious for those with the newer Eastman tuners (Pingwell RM-1583N-26A) if they have updated with the grover 309? Are the Pingwell a big step up from the 'quality geared tuners' on the 315. Im on the fence of keeping this 315 and upgrading the tuners with the grover or to step up and getting a 515 with the ping well. The only thing I don't really like about the 315 are the tuners. The gear ratio is appealing for the Grover. Anyone know the gear ratio for the Pingwell? thanks

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    I can’t answer your specific question, but have played a few 315 and 515 mandolins and find myself liking the 315 more often as not. So if you are planning to keep your 315, particularly if and when you upgrade significantly, changing the tuners would be worthwhile to me.

    If your 315 were just passing through I wouldn’t bother.
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    Grover 309s are wonderful, smooth machines and very reasonably priced. I'd replace the machines on your 315 since you like everything else about it. You could always switch back to the originals if trying to sell it (or convince the buyer it's worth $40 more with good machines). Depending on how badly bitten you are by the mandolin bug, your next upgrade maybe to something beyond a 515.

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    This has been discussed a few times in the past. You might want to thumb through this thread. There is someone on that thread that made the swap to Grover's.
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    Thanks all. Think I’ll go with the Grover.

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