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Thread: TC Octave top bracing

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    Default TC Octave top bracing

    I have a 12 year old Johnson Octave (it looks like a TC Octave clone) and the top
    is sinking. It is 3/16" lower in the middle by the bridge than it is on the rim of the body.

    Since it's a TC clone I was wondering if anybody knows how they are braced.
    I have to get an inspection mirror so I can try to see what is going on.

    Any ideas what to look for?

    Kevin Vail

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    Default Re: TC Octave top bracing

    My Fender-branded octave mandolin, similar to yours, was x-braced if I recall correctly.

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    Default Re: TC Octave top bracing

    I have an old Octave mandolin with a similar issue, the top is sunk about 3/16 “ but it seems stable, still playing well and sounds good.
    It’s not quite as nice to look at as it was but , I wonder if it’s worth the hassle to take off the top and re do the bracing

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