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Thread: 1911 recording

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    Default 1911 recording

    Calace prelude, but not Calace performing

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    Though Wikipedia describes Demetrius C. Dounis, the performer in this recording of Calace's Op. 45, no. 1 prelude, as a violinist and musician's doctor, Paul Sparks, in The Classical Mandolin, writes that Boston's "most famous [mandolin] soloist was Demetrius C. Dounis (to whom Calace dedicated his Prelude No. 2, Op.49)". Thanks for the opportunity to hear this performance!

    Joe Bartl

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    Great playing on both items! Thanks for posting.

    I've only known Dounis as the author of a series of books of exercises and studies for violinists, including this one I worked through (on guitar) long ago:

    The Absolute Independence of the Fingers in Violin Playing on a Scientific Basis (in 2 Books), Op. 15 (1924)

    Some real finger-busting exercises there. Nice to know that the author really was a fine virtuoso player as well as a scientific pedagogue.
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    Dounis was a fine composer of unaccompanied mandolin solos in his own right. You can get some taste of that here:

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    I have compiled some information about Dounis including sources/clippings from The Crescendo in my German blog
    It's based on a thesis about Dounis:
    Homepage: / Blog: / Freiburg / Germany

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