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    I am wanting to add some new music to my arsenal. What oldtime songs are fairly simple to pick out on the mandolin?

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    Here you go, just pick one you like:
    Technique, theory and fun, fun, fun. I love playing, studying and sharing MUSIC.
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    Do you read music? If so, I highly recommend the little (long and thin, to fit in a guitar case) "Let's Jam!" series. Not sure how available they might be (not on Amazon, anyway). Here's a listing at dulcimer times that SEEMS to be in stock.!.html

    Anyway, these books have the melody and chords on one page and the chords alone on the facing page. Nice way for beginners to get the essence of a lot of classic tunes, and when you get to the point of improvising, these are easy starting points to work around.
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    This brings me to some memories of learning tunes on old time banjo. (In 1978...) Cluck Old Hen was a good simple tune. Over the Waterfall another. I loved a tune called Spotted Pony but it is not a common tune.
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    "Oh Them Britches" is a good and simple tune. "Bile Them Cabbage Down" is another one.

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    I started with simple well-known melodies, and then slowly worked on embellishing them in my own particular 'style'.

    Very short video examples can be found on my YouTube channel . . . link is below.

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