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Thread: Mandola/Mandolin Custom Case Interest

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    As a few of you may or may not know, for some years I built acoustic guitars. However, after moving 3 years ago Iím finally setting up shop again. I have a young man locally who is a talented and creative builder/designer. Iím considering mentoring him and building custom cases in my spare time, in particular, a Mandola case for starters. Maybe a custom leather/alligator case. Mando/Mandola combo case? Still kicking around ideas, BUT, I own a really nice Mandola and literally no one builds a nice, custom case. Thoughts and/or interest greatly appreciated!

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    Let me invite you to visit my page on case repair and construction.
    And also my Facebook group on Vintage Cases, where we discuss repair and building, among many other case subjects.

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    G&G cases in Los Angeles makes the classic fender strat style cases custom for mandolin and mandola for about $250

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