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Thread: Burns & Clark

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    Default Burns & Clark

    Stumbled upon this clip of Jethro Burns & Roy Clark on Hee Haw form 1980.
    His 2nd break is quite nice, to say the least.

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    Default Re: Burns & Clark

    Hmmmm … Is that a 70's master model J.B. is playing. The inlay pattern and coloring suggest so. R/
    I love hanging out with mandolin nerds . . . . . Thanks peeps ...

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    Default Re: Burns & Clark

    That's his Washburn, with some tape over the name, I think. As Jethro sometimes said, "...the Gibson mandolin company has asked me to announce that tonight I am playing a Washburn mandolin."

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    Default Re: Burns & Clark

    I don’t see any tape on the peghead. There is nothing so humbling than watching Jethro just letting it “come out” he plays with a completely unflappable smoothness, Roy’s no slouch either!
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    Default Re: Burns & Clark

    I like the way Jethro just grins at Roy after the second break. Kinda like top that!

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    Default Re: Burns & Clark

    Right, tape. Must have been the pre-coffee floaters this morning.

    And speaking of floating, that's what Jethro's fingers seem to do all over the neck. The ease that he played with is pretty amazing.

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    Default Re: Burns & Clark

    Roy looks like he’s hanging on for dear life while Jethro just smokes it.
    Play it like you mean it.

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    Default Re: Burns & Clark

    Jethro dressing up like Mike Compton.
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