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Thread: Gibson A4 1921 Paddle Head

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    I posted this also in the thread regarding the value of an A4 from 1923. This mandolin has a repaired crack, pre-dates the truss rod and has no pickguard. Apart from that, it appears to be all original- as is the case. I don't know how much of a premium, one pays for the snakehead nor do I know what the crack does to its value. Others can comment on the price which seems reasonable to me.

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    Seems like a pretty fair price, but that crack looked pretty bad. I have a 1921 A4 as well and I love it. It has a woody growl on the low end and beautiful sparkling notes on the high end. One thing that could affect the deal is if it needs anymore work to get it playable, or if it has anymore issues. It would be nice to have a photo of the top from the side view to look for sinkage, and a photo down the neck.
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    too much damage for that price, at least for me

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