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    Had a quick question regarding fret slot depth. My fret slot is about .03" deeper than my fret wire on a 12"radius fret board.

    I've seen something similar to this one Martin guitars where it looks like they filled in the gap with something.

    Does anyone have any suggestions/thoughts on the best way to move forward?

    Thanks in advance

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    A slot .03" deeper than the tang is probably within the acceptable range. Too shallow a slot, and the fret won't seat correctly. It is said by some folks that if the slots are very much deeper than the tang, it increases the possibility of bowing under tension.

    The exposed slot can be filled with a lacquer stick, a little liquid hide glue dyed black or brown, or anything else that you can find that won't mess up the finish on the edge of the fingerboard-- perhaps one of the nail hole fillers at the hardware store that are used to hide paneling nails. Warning: using dyed CA is a sure-fire way to create a big mess you don't want.

    Unless the exposed slot is very large and noticeable, most of us just leave it alone.

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