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    Want to know who you guys would recommend for some setup work on my player mandolin. I live in Michigan but I知 willing to travel. Shipping my mando scares me to death. I have an a string issue going on and my e is a little buzzy I知 thinking the nut needs reworked but not sure. I知 not really too concerned with price because this is my Baby! I have played a couple new buckeyes in the last few years and I loved the setup if anyone knows any info on that it would be greatly appreciated. I知 new on here so any help is welcome, thanks everyone ,god bless

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    How about Elderly Instruments in Lansing? They are a well-known shop.

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    Greetings There's a guy in Central Lake? that makes mandos. His name is Mike Kemnitzer.

    Bet he could make you a new nut. Worth a try.

    I can relate on shipping one's precious instrument. I almost have a panic attack every time I ship my baby. Face to face is always best.

    Always wanted to play a Buckeye. You are lucky to have played more than one. That area of Ohio where Hart builds is oozing with mando mojo. Coolville is near the MacRostie compound.

    Didn't Johnny Staats play a Buckeye at one time?

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    Welcome. There is a well known forum member that you can e mail who will send you a mandolin setup e book. His name is Rob Meldrum. Even if you don't want to do your own work, this is information everyone should have in order to understand mandolin geometry. Get a nice six inch metal ruler and a set of feeler gauges and see where you are in relation to optimal.

    IMHO, you could very well need a fret level and crown to go from good setup to a great setup. If you need to drive a distance, see if you can make an appointment to do a while you wait setup.
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    I live 100 miles from Elderly Instruments in E. Lansing. They have always done a terrific job for me. Call and make an appointment so you don't have to leave it and make another trip to pick it up.

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    You’re about halfway between Lansing and Grand Rapids. Elderly is my first recommendation, but if you come to GR you could try RIT Music on Plainfield or Rainbow Music on the West Side. Both have skilled setup folks that would be comfortable addressing your buzz.

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