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Thread: Electric ukulele, if anybody savvy in?

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    Default Electric ukulele, if anybody savvy in?

    Hi guys!
    I want to make a gift for my boyfriend for his birthday. He plays acoustic guitar, and he dreams to learn playing ukulele. I don't know which one should i buy, so i need your wise advice!
    My budget for this aim is about 100-150$. I found one review about ukulele, i'll attach it to the post. There are all pros-and-cons described, but i don't understand which one is better and what is/are the main criteria(s). I'll be very grateful for your help. I can help you with choosing flute, if you need

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    Default Re: Electric ukulele, if anybody savvy in?

    Hi Gwen,

    If I can make a suggestion it would be to look at an acoustic-electric ukulele vs an electric. It will be more in line with the guitar he already knows how to play.

    Do you know what size he is interested in?

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    Baritone ukuleles are "typically" tuned DGBE, like the four highest strings on a guitar. (It can be tuned to a number of alternate tunings.) #4 on your list would be my pick for your budgeted amount. Please be aware that some set-up may be required on an instrument in that price range. Some might say the baritone has more of a guitar-like sound than the smaller sized ukes. He can experiment with different strings and set-up can alter the sound to find what he likes. This instrument can be tuned in fourths (like a guitar so it will be familiar to him), or fifths like a mandolin. I happen to tune mine in fifths (GDAE) as I also play tenor guitar.

    Alternatively, you could take him to your local guitar store (I highly recommend) and let him play and hear what is available locally. You'll get to know what size he is most comfortable with and purchase accordingly. Unless, of course, it is going to be a surprise.

    I play a 1950's Harmony mahogany baritone uke, so I have no experience with acoustic/electric ukuleles. I do enjoy playing my baritone as it has a very "sweet" sound and is very comfortable to play.

    Might I add, you are the best type of girlfriend to purchase an instrument for his birthday.

    Hope this helps!

    Best of luck,

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    Default Re: Electric ukulele, if anybody savvy in?

    Hello Huck,
    Thank you for you feedback
    He said, that it doesn't matter much, but he prefers soprano or concert ukulele. I think that's because of he's been playing 6-string guitar for whole his life since he was a child :D Thank you, today i've sorted out that it would be better to take him to the store. I was advised to make a "blindfolded drive to the store, with the blindfold only coming off vis-a-vis an ukulele rack" ahahahha, i'll probably do that

    Thank you for your warm words :D

    Your feedback was helpful, i remembered what you'd said and i'll tell him, when he'll be choosing. And about "experiment with different strings and set-up" i sank into reverie about experiments with my old acoustic

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    Default Re: Electric ukulele, if anybody savvy in?

    I have the Vorson solid-body electric, although I have it tuned as a mandola. It’s fun to play, but you’ll need an amp (I also have a little $15 headphone amp I use sometimes.) The pickups are pretty terrible, though. I’m always tweaking them, trying to get all the strings to have an even volume and tone. For the money I’d take Huck’s advice and go with an acoustic electric combo. Most guitar folks I’ve found are most comfortable with a tenor. Stay away from the Amazon “ukulele package” deals.

    Good luck! Ukes are really fun. The Ukulele Hunt website is also a great resource:

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    Exclamation Re: Electric ukulele, if anybody savvy in?

    buy an acoustic one for the tone, add a stick on pickup
    if he needs a loud performance sound level . later..

    as a guitar player he'd probably leave its tuning standard uke..

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