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Thread: Who has thin bluechips?

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    Default Re: Who has thin bluechips?

    The only thing I care about is sound. I like the way the BC glides across the strings, but the Wegen is very similar. The 35 BC was not giving me the sound I wanted, nor the TF100 Wegen. I thinned the Wegen and now it is great. Not sure about thinning a BC, but unless you have a very bright mandolin those thick picks are dead sounding on the lower strings.

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    Default Re: Who has thin bluechips?

    Just got my BC TAD 40 today. If love it. My BC pic progression has been TP 65, TP 55, TAD 60, CT55( which is a TAD55), TAD 50, TAD 45, and now the TAD 40.
    I’ve sold all the thicker ones, in case you worried that I had +$200 BC collection!

    The attack is deep and thunky, not smooth like thicker models. My Ratliff is deep and woody toned, so it doesn’t suffer from needing to be darkened.
    It is a fast and precise pick, and gave me the sense of control that I felt the thicker picks distract from.
    I’ll report back after my next gig this week.
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    Default Re: Who has thin bluechips?

    I have a TAD 60, TD 50, & TPR 40. Currently favoring the 40. Don Rigsby recommended the 40.

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    Interestingly, I was selling a BlueChip Kenny Smith 40 and picked it up to play with the other day and found that because of it's smaller than usual size it worked well for me - I've tried a TPR40 in the past and ended up selling it as I felt that it hindered me a wee bit when playing triplets, they weren't quite as clean as I like them to be. For some reason with the smaller sized KS40 that's not an issue and I really like the tone I'm getting with it! Guess it's not for sale anymore!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jill McAuley View Post
    I use a TPR35 and don't find that it flexes at all really - the main difference I find between it and heavier Blue Chips is the tone - if I use a TPR40 the tone is a bit warmer and fuller sounding with more volume, but I find that the TPR35 moves across the strings easier for me so I prefer it for that reason. FYI I also play Irish traditional music exclusively.
    I use a small Jazz 35 for Irish, klezmer and classical. It seems a little less 'warm' than the TPR 35 and it is a bit harder to do tremlo. (for that, I use the rounded side). But I love that it can be very quick and articulate. And volume is no problem. I think all BC picks are stiff, maybe the thin one bends a little, but I think that I compensate with "letting the pick move" rather than 'moving the strings with the pick'. The thicker picks do move across the strings easier as Jill says.
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    Default Re: Who has thin bluechips?

    I added a Blue Chip SR 60 this week with the round bevel. I also own a CT 55. They are worth the price!
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