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    Hi, I'm new to this site. I have a great F5 style mando made by Olin Davis, Rattlesnake mandolins and an old Gibson A-something. Both are wonder full but Ive been trying to find an F4 at an affordable price to use as a travel mando. Presently renting an Epiphone mm 40L and am only medium happy with it. Has anyone got any suggestions for an F4 copy under or about $1000?

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    A used Eastman may fit the bill but I would play it first as their oval holes are not as good as their F-hole mandolins unless things things have changed since 2016 which was the last time I played one. Looked really good but overbuilt I reckon. Too heavy.

    On the Uk we have Pilgrim and Ashbury F4 copies. Both pressed tops I think but quote cheap and as a travel mandolin they'd be fine. I assume they are in USA perhaps under different brand name.

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    I still regret trading my MK-O for a custom octave mandolin a decade ago. Yep. The Michael Kelly line, bought used. Once I had the frets and neck adjusted by Steve Sauve in North Adams, MA it was awesone. Truly it was a great instrument for its price point.
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    I've played the Eastman F style oval holes. Not as big a fan of those as the A style ovals. But that's just my opinion. I'd still suggest finding a used 614 and seeing if you like it.

    Other than that, can't think of a reasonable priced F style oval hole.

    Good luck in your search.
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    Chat with “Sonny” Morris. He’s making some nice mandolins at very good prices. Can’t recall offhand what his base F2/4 style is priced at, but he may work with you if you go without any bling. They occasionally pop up used in the classifieds. I’ve not personally bought from him to date, but I’ve inquired about a couple, and he was always very pleasant and generous with his time.

    I’ve only played a couple of Eastman ovals and both were actually very good, but there’s variability instrument to instrument with all their instruments, so I may have lucked out with the couple I tried...

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    Yeah I was going to mention Sonny Morris too. Last I saw, his price list was around $1250 for an F style (either oval- or F-hole), but that's probably at least somewhat out of date.

    Another option is Mia Mandolins, made by a woman named Clarinda in Arkansas. There's a new F4 on eBay from her right now at $900. I have not seen or played one, but there's one thread on here where people seem to have a positive impression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanh View Post
    Yeah I was going to mention Sonny Morris too. Last I saw, his price list was around $1250 for an F style (either oval- or F-hole), but that's probably at least somewhat out of date.
    There’s a used one in the classifieds for $1200:
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