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Thread: Kentucky KM-1050 vs Northfield F5S

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    That's one fine mandolin. Congratulations.

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    You did good. I hesitated to state such adviser though I was thinking it. A Big Mon is eye and ear candy of the highest order. You will enjoy it for years.
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    Congrats! Northfield make great instruments!

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    I've owned and played a handful of both brands. Different sounds and vibes but both excellent choices. That'll give you lots of instrument to grow with.
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    I own a KM 1050 and I like it a lot. I am not an advanced player because I play guitar but I wanted to learn mandolin. Started with a Loar and decided to just get a really good mid level mandolin. I like the radius fretboard and larger frets a lot. I recently played a 1500 and some collings and they were hard to play because I assume Im used to the radius and frets. I am happy with the sound and feel. It did take a while for me to really like this mandolin though. I had it setup and frets polished and it made all the difference. People who have seen it really like it. I think it sounds a lot like a gibson, I was going for the nickel creek sound and it does a good job. Sure Id like to have a Gibson F5 but until I play more, this is what I am sticking with.

    There is a 1000, 1050, 1500. The 1050 is different than the other 2 so be sure you are looking at the right model.

    Side note...

    Im confused. I know my 1050 has a radius board and larger frets but does it have a wider string spacing? The Kentucky site says 1 1/8 but I have found dealers that state its 1 3/16". Mine feels wider than other mandolins I played but Im not sure if its the neck size/shape or radius that makes it seem that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalSky View Post
    I'm in the market for a mandolin, and I want something that will last me a long time and give me a good sound. My budget is right around $3000, which means I'll be getting something made in the Pacific Rim.
    Only because this is your choice. There are several US builders who can build a great A or F style for this budget. Two I've personally got great sounding, great looking, professional quality all carved handmade custom built instruments from are Howard "Sonny" Morris and Tom "TJ" Jessen.

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    I would definitely take a Northfield over a Kentucky but in the same price range of the Northfield I would definitely take a Girouard over a Northfield ! No comparison in my mind !
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