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Thread: "Dark" Fiddle Tunes?

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    Ya that's a great tune.

    I remember I used to play that old clarence Thomas, dock Boggs, Roscoe holcomb, omie wise...pretty polly was my go to.. anything old blues and all those songs can be sung on a fiddle/mndln - drone the strings and play those modal banjo tunes. If you wanting get darker, sing the lyrics. Heck Stephen foster, jazz, dearth of darkness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Ross View Post
    I second tmsweeney:
    Check out Peter Ostoushko's "Chickamauga" off of "Meeting on Southern Soil" with Norman Blake. It is as dark as the battle.
    Thanks Rob, now thatís a Classic!
    Feels like the fiddlerís being pushed against his will. Poetic.

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    Everything else in EDAE is pretty dark sounding too but this one's in EDAD

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    I picked up "the night before larry was stretched" -- the session version, which i think is in G -- at any rate, you play it on lower strings -- and passed it on to a couple of people including a relatively new box player. the box player took it to his teacher to get the fingering right --and the teacher told him he was on his own because he found Larry to be "too dark." i have no idea why, unless it was the title, but i'm putting it out there. the set i learned it in was Fig for a Kiss, The Night Before Larry Was Stretched, Kid on the Mountain. actually, Larry and Kid are nicely modally dark. Kiss is pretty bouncy, in my opinion.
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    Catman...dark, yes, weird, definitely. And not fiddle btw.
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    Hard to tell in the dark but looks to me like rebec, "keyed fiddle" (nyklhp), maybe baroque fiddle...

    To me it's all fiddling...I've got a bunch of favorite bass fiddling vids too, but those are really dark (and weird I guess)

    *hmm, just had a look at the vid - looks more like some other type of medieval fdl .. I guess it's evident, I like a lot of early music (a good place to find dark fiddle tunes).

    Here's one a little "less dark"
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    I've been listening to this Tokso group all day .. I should mention it as others may find it evocative. Kelly Thoma plays Cretan lyra with 10 or more sympathetic strings. This vid (same tune as above) has some nice close-ups of the instruments.

    Here she is with Ross Daly

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    I gravitate toward dark sounding music as well, so I can't wait to check out all the tunes posted here. Here's one I've been really into lately, and one that's fun to play: The Boxing Reels by Jeremy Kittel. This particular version is from Live From Here with Chris Thile 10/30/2019.

    Another fun one is this Finnish Polska in Dm:

    Info on this tune can be found here.
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