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    Default Jet City Guitars

    Anybody had any experience with Jet City Guitars? Thoughts?
    John A. Karsemeyer

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    Good guy. Been around quite a while. I notice he has been selling instruments for Eli West. I think that’s his Blazer & Henkes guitar in the classifieds.
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    Seattle? I've been in there a few times. Nice folks as I recall with a propensity toward the unusual when it comes to gear. | oKee.ComX

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    Jet City Guitars is Jim Brown. I have bought several '30s Martins from Jim. He's a real straight- shooter and a gentleman. He has extremely fine instruments coming to him. He's as honest as the day is long & has very fine luthiers (like Mark Tossman) working on his instruments. I highly recommend him. He doesn't have a physical shop, but more on-line presence. He's provided instruments for the Wintergrass "Tone Poems" guitar-athon. I try to meet up with him each time i get to visit Seattle.

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