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Thread: F4 truss rod cover

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    Default F4 truss rod cover

    Hi folks.
    I finally found myself a nice F4,after several years looking.
    Its a 1921 model,from the transitional era when they cut through the pearl flowerpot to install the truss rod. Unfortunately this one is missing its truss rod cover(and its pick guard,but thats another story),which i think was originally nickel silver.
    Does anyone make repros of these truss rod covers,or have an original they would sell?
    any info greatly appreciated
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    Default Re: F4 truss rod cover

    Yes, many of us can make a truss rod cover for that mandolin. It is important to make an accurate measurements of the distance between the screw holes, center to center, and the length and width of the truss rod pocket; and send those measurements to whoever you choose to do the job. The dimensions are not all the same on these old instruments.

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    Default Re: F4 truss rod cover

    Ritchie Dotson at Acoustic Box lists Gibson mandolin truss rod covers on his website along with dimensions.

    Currently he has some available on eBay

    What is the Factory Number inside your F4?

    Mark Lynch

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    Default Re: F4 truss rod cover

    When I first saw this I assumed you were looking for the nickel silver cover. Take a look at the covers sold by Custom Inlay. They have the plain black as well as pearl and abalone. Even though the listing shows guitar on the bell truss rod covers there is a drop down when you order to select banjo/mandolin as the size (they were the same, the guitar is bigger).

    If you're interested in a period correct pick guard send a PM to Cafe member Darryl Wolfe.
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