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Thread: Mandolin Considerations -- Add to my List

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    Default Re: Mandolin Considerations -- Add to my List

    Matt Ruhland.

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    Default Re: Mandolin Considerations -- Add to my List

    If I had even close to enough extra money, I would be considering that Gibson Goldrush that is in the classifieds.
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    Default Re: Mandolin Considerations -- Add to my List

    We have a Kimble, Clark, and Heiden in our house. They are all wonderful mandolins and are keepers. I would heartily recommend all 3 of them. As is the case, it’s alway best to try before you buy, but understand that isn’t always possible. At least get a trial period if you are ordering from a distance. Happy hunting!
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    Default Re: Mandolin Considerations -- Add to my List

    Friend of mine is considering selling a very nice Muth F5 for about $4K through the Cafe. Canadian maker with a long wait list. I played it the other night. They are really good value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CombustionToad View Post
    Hi all,

    I have recently been searching the classifieds and various websites looking for possibilities for my next mando. I currently have an older Weber Gallatin F and looking for something (used, not necessarily new) higher end, somewhere around the $5-6k range with some wiggle room.

    I have come up with a list of mandolin builders that I am currently watching for, and would like to know if anyone has any that I should be adding or checking out. This isn't a quick process in my books, so I am just adding to a list of instruments to be watching for.

    Current List:

    Apitius (current favorite on the list, but they don't come around too often)
    San Juan

    Thanks for any info in advance. Open to general tips on looking in this range as well! I'm in Colorado so not super close to any of the big stores, but I'll get down to Denver Folklore every once in a while.
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    Default Re: Mandolin Considerations -- Add to my List

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Winn View Post
    Might be able to find a Nugget in your range or, as Hank mentioned, there're Givens' out there, too.
    Givens are possible but Nuggets—not so much, in my estimation and observation. Maybe a used Nugget Junior if you can actually find one for sale.

    Add Brentrup to the list, if someone is selling a used one.

    I assume that the OP is looking for a mandolin with F-holes, not oval?

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    Default Re: Mandolin Considerations -- Add to my List

    Where these “What is good in...” queries can be interesting, it might be just as satisfactory to send me the money and let ME go to Elderly (or search the classifieds) and then play and send you something. It’s a deranged question for me.
    I dislike spellcheck but, here it especially “obtuse”. That should have read “strange”!
    You have asked a serious question as far as some significant instruments are concerned but, to paraphrase “Smokey the Bear”:
    “Only YOU can make the right choice”!
    My short list is really short. Anyone who has been here for a while knows who I wish I could lure out of construction retirement to make me a “Plain Jane” F-5.
    I “liked” my Stiver.
    Sorry, I’ve not been that overly impressed with the Kimbles I’ve played. Nice but, heavy for ME.
    I found the Derrington I played at Elderly (some time back) a bit “standoffish” maybe I needed to drive it a bit harder but it just didn’t grab me.
    I can hear it already “Blasphemy!” But, that just how it struck me. Might have been me that day might just not have been the right one for me.
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