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    I'm back in my home state of NJ for a visit and I hooked up with on old band mate to play a few at the open mic at The Dublin Pub in Morristown. He told me to make sure I got there early so we could catch a set of "the best acoustic trio I've seen in a long time". turned out to be the Cirotti Trio, and I have to agree about the quality. Got a chance to talk with Mike Alexander (Mandolin) at their set break, and he was super modest and a really nice guy. All 3 are great and the all do vocal harmonies really well, but I couldn't help but think of Grisman and Rice when I listen to the way Mike and Joe (Cirotti) play off each other. They mostly gig in north Jersey.
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    Superb. Tight and tasty . . . great job on a great Dawg tune. These guys are good, thanks for sharing.

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