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Thread: Dogal strings, Anyone tried them out and could comment?

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    Default Dogal strings, Anyone tried them out and could comment?

    I tried a thread in the Equipment section.
    Anyone have any experience with these other Dogal strings types?
    I like the wound Dogals on my Brian Dean.
    I tried to searching for reviews without success.
    Do you have any comments or suggestions for their application?
    Instrument type? F hole, Oval, Bowlback
    Genre? Jazz, classical, folk, Celtic (heavy metal!)
    Are they similar to Thomastiks at all? What are their differences in tonal qualities, longevity and playability?
    These are 3 types:
    HR136 half-rounds steel
    B92 flatwound steel steel
    R47 flatwound laminated chrome metal
    V30 flatwound bronze
    They are sold at Bernunzio! NFI
    Cheers, Barry

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    Default Re: Dogal strings, Anyone tried them out and could comment?

    I use the Dogal Calace strings, R92b, on a couple quality bowlbacks as well as a Lyon & Healy A. I like them, they last forever, but for the first month or so they are very "toothy" - rough surfaced, which ameliorates after they've been played on for a while.

    I had some concerns that they might accelerate fret wear, but it doesn't seem to be a problem.

    I have no experience with the model numbers you list. The ones I've used are roundwound steel over steel.

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    Default Re: Dogal strings, Anyone tried them out and could comment?

    Bob, I have the 92B on my classical. I like them a lot!

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    Default Re: Dogal strings, Anyone tried them out and could comment?

    I always use the RW92B sets on bowlbacks that I play. That includes Calace (natch) and Vega. I tried them first on my Vega style 3 and when my main bowlback was in the shop I brought it to a rehearsal and it sounded and played very nicely—clear and sweet.

    I also tried a set of the medio RW92 on my old Bacon Artist and didn't like the tone as much. Also, for that mandolin the felt on the tuner side of the strings was way too long and extended over the nut so I had to physically scrape the threads back to the other side of the nut. As you probably figured out, the RW means round wound.

    I haven't tried any of the other strings but you might speak to someone at Bernunzio and see if they have tried any of them.

    I am not a fan of flatwound strings on Italian bowlbacks. My only mandolin that has T-I flatwounds is my Lyon & Healy. I prefer the Italian sound on the Italian instruments which is more bright and sweet. I have liked T-Is on both Phoenix Neo-Classical mandolins and modern German bowlbacks both of which are voiced for those particular strings.

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    Default Re: Dogal strings, Anyone tried them out and could comment?

    Jim, Thanks for joining the thread. I already have sent an email to a Bernunzio requesting information on the Dogals. I haven’t heard anything yet. If they reply I will post an update. I use Thomastiks on my Phoenix Jazz mandolin. They are great strings and LASTa long time.
    Has anyone tried the Dogal flatwounds? If so any comments you have are welcome.

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    Default Re: Dogal strings, Anyone tried them out and could comment?

    I believe that some folks who play "German type" bowlbacks use flat-wound Dogals; I have no experience to report on. I tend to associate flat-wound metal strings with bowed instruments, where the texture of the string's surface and the bow-hair go hand in hand. But that is of course just my own background and bias.

    I concur with Bob's remark on the toothiness of Dogal round-wounds; that, too, is something one gets used to. Just like Bob, I haven't found them to cause any premature fret-wear. The tone does get a bit dull after a while but that's also a subjective judgment; the usual, new string harshness wears off very quickly.

    I have never been able to transition effectively, especially in tremolo, from the wound D-course to the unwound A-course; again, this is just probably my own poor technique and not any fault of the strings themselves. Dogal A-strings are quite robust, stentorian, so they need a more suave, caressing touch than I can muster.

    All in all, these are top-tier strings: clear, focused, resonant, durable. The rest is really a matter of taste; mine is much like Jim's, Italianate for bowlbacks.


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    Default Re: Dogal strings, Anyone tried them out and could comment?

    I use the round-wound medium Calace set on my Calace and the flat- wound on a 1926 "La Carmencita" copy which has a metal nut with brass inset.
    I find the flat wound set to be a bit soft and lacking in edge for the normal Calace, but they work well with the brass nut instrument.
    I like how they all work in terms of balance across the courses, all very resonant with no course being 'weedy'

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