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Thread: Unusual Electric Tenor/Mandolin/Uke

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    Default Unusual Electric Tenor/Mandolin/Uke

    15.5 inch scale offering from Kauer guitars with a lipstick pickup. Might it be a suitable substitute for a Fender Tenor Telecaster?

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    Nice looking instrument but the string spacing at the bridge is inconsistent. The space between the 2 and 3 strings is larger than the space between the 1 and 2 strings and the 3 and 4 strings.
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    Default Re: Unusual Electric Tenor/Mandolin/Uke

    Very interesting - Kauer makes nice stuff, but I've never seen anything other than a 6-string from them before. With that scale, it would make a nice mandola.

    The string spacing is very easy to adjust on those saddles. Looks like they're evenly spaced at the nut. the obscure side of vintage instruments.

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    Take a look at a Risa LP ukulele.
    This is the nicest electric ukulele that I have ever put my hands on.

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    Default Re: Unusual Electric Tenor/Mandolin/Uke

    the risa looks good!
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