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Thread: Bourgeois Guitars Partners with Eastman

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    Default Re: Bourgeois Guitars Partners with Eastman

    NursingDaBlues made the statement in a thread above about working capital. It's very true. You need money to operate. Remaining profitable isn't always easy and making mistakes is. I know this from personal experience. After fifteen years of running a profitable business I had a bad year in 1995 and had to close a business that I thought would never die. You do whatever you can to try and maintain it because you've got your heart and soul in it. It's easy to pick things apart from the outside and hindsight is 20/20. Sometimes you make good decisions, sometimes you don't. As an example John DeLorean made a bad decision when he hit the point where he needed to find a way to survive. It looks like Kim Breedlove made the right one. I really don't know if any of this applies to Dana Bourgeois. I do wish him and his employees the best. I hate to see anyone go out of business.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougC View Post
    Does anyone know more about Pono ukele / octave mandolin business arrangements? I believe they are made in Indonesia.
    The Pono Indonesian shop is owned by an American from Hawaii. There is a YouTube video explaining the whole operation. The shop was making classical guitars and converted to making ukes and guitars, both of high quality. I have a Pono uke and two Pono guitars. I believe all guitars are made to order now. No questions asked return policy.
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    FWIW, I was thinking of the 70's when Alvarez was promoting their "handmade, small shop, guitars made by master luthier K. Yairi in Japan" -- these guitars have held up well and still sound great today, IMHO. Also, back then there was a huge stigma to overcome in trying to market a higher-priced import. (to a Martin and Gibson crowd)

    I'm thinking today that most of that stigma has been overcome and people are more open-minded to consider an instrument based on its own merits and quality...

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    Default Re: Bourgeois Guitars Partners with Eastman

    I wonder if Dana reads this blog?
    Mandolin Cafe is the ideal place to discuss the confluence between business and craft. As we are involved in both sides. Philosophy, business, practicality, muse, rich and poor; it's all here.

    I "agree" with Spruce dork's opinion. BTW

    Pono seems to be a successful, high quality company. But it's not a joint venture with a huge manufacturer.
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    I hope they achieve what they desired. They make fine instruments.
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    If you don’t own or never will own a Bourgeois guitar, the vast majority of us, why should we care? Those that do own one, still have the fine guitar they picked over all others, and can fret over the public perception, much like I do with my Epiphone Texan. Dana Bourgeois cut himself a deal probably insuring a nice retirement and maybe even some job security for some people.

    Eastman buys a prestigious brand they can use to market whatever they want. Things will change. They always do.
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