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Thread: Campanella two-point (How to make an accent on due?)

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    Default Re: Campanella two-point (How to make an accent on due?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Roberts View Post
    Maybe consider taking it to a well respected luthier to have the set up checked...
    Agree, check set up/intonation. Perhaps it’s just the photo but the bridge looks a tad forward. The mandolin looks great.

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    Default Re: Campanella two-point (How to make an accent on due?)

    Had a nice afternoon with Jim today and we had a duet of Campanellas (see below). Both of our mandolins, his the Dué, mine the A-5 are about 1 year apart in age and yet, despite the different strings, sound very similar. I think his would benefit from the medium strings and perhaps some slight adjustment of the nut. His is equally a lovely mandolin.

    After that I got together with some of my other friends and we played OT music for a few hours. I rarely play mandolin for OT, never in the larger jams we have around here by we had either one fiddle, banjo and guitar or else two fiddles and banjo and the Campanella was loads of fun to play—and I could actually hear myself.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Campanella two-point (How to make an accent on due?)

    I bought a mando online whose E strings hardly sounded. Following the advice of several people here at the cafe, I took it to a luthier and had him fiddle with the nut.

    Now it plays just fine.

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