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Thread: Craig Miller's wife Isabel has passed

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    Default Craig Miller's wife Isabel has passed

    David Grisman just emailed to report the sad news that Craig Miller's wife Isabel passed away yesterday after a long struggle with pulmonary disease. Craig, in case you don't know, has been David Grisman's manager since 1974. He's one of the great guys you want to chat with on the phone. A phone call with Craig is an experience of a lifetime if the conversation gets rolling. We've never met in person but I consider him a good friend and one of the great good guys in the music world. And talk about a lot of inside information on the music world. We've joked more than a few times that I should just do an MP3 interview with him where I just let him talk about whatever we wants.

    I spoke to him just a few days ago and am deeply saddened for Craig and all of his personal and musical extended family. Rest in Peace, Isabel.

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    Default Re: Craig Miller's wife Isabel has passed

    RIP Isabel.
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    Default Re: Craig Miller's wife Isabel has passed

    Condolences to the family.
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