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Thread: Brentrup Mandolins

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    A number of years ago, back when IBMA was in Nashville and one of the last years that Hans had a booth, I got to play 2 F style mandolins that were very string instruments. But the one I really lusted for was an F style mandola. That was an instrument that had depth, full tone and playability. It was priced above what I could afford at that time or it would have come home with me. I lusted for that instrument for years. Hans is one wonderful person.
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    Thanks for keeping this post going. With a closet full of mandos, I play my Brentrup 22V black faced F4 prototype and my reddish 22V F4 al the time. They are my go-to mandolins because I love their tone and feel in my hands. They only keep sounding nicer and nicer. Hans is a master and I am thankful for them. Doug in Vermont

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