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    I had my eye on a Washburn Timeless celtic style mandolin, however, it just hit me that the model uses bridge pins rather than your typical tailpiece and adjustable bridge design. Would I be correct in assuming that this is a recipe for disaster? I mean, your typical flat top guitar develops a bulge from the bridge over time. no matter what, but a mandolin has even more string pull and less surface area, so I can't imagine that this is a good design choice. Not to mention, you're basically just making a guitar at that point.

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    I'd never seen one of these. Hopefully they are spot on with the bridge placement.
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    I always thought the tension from eight tight strings would pull the bridge off. I hope I am wrong. It's beautiful. Good luck with it.

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    Ovation mandolins have fixed, glued bridges, and while they don't have bridge pins, they do use ball-end strings held by slots in the bridge. They seem to work OK, as far as I've heard. Not quite sure why Washburn decided that a fixed pin bridge was "Celtic," but hey, whadda I know?
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