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    I got a 2018 Campanella mandolin recently. It's basically an A-440, but with f-holes (shown on his website with an oval hole). I have owned a lot of mandolins, and played a lot more. This may be the best sounding mandolin I've played. Wonderful volume and clarity. Rings like a bell, as they say. And the violin-style sides give it a unique look. Just wanted to throw my recommendation out there if anyone is considering one of these.Click image for larger version. 

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    Beautiful! I do love that violin styling.

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    Congrats on your Campanella.


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    Congrats! Those Campanellas are lovely. Would you be the same Yooper who recently sold your Brentrup?
    What music style(s) do you play?

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    Very classy mandolin.

    I have to say though that picture freaked me out at first. I thought why in the world would you prop your mandolin up like that. Then I realized it was just the way the picture was turned. Duh


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    Actually, I traded the Brentrup plus cash for this Campanella. The Brentrup was great, but the oval hole sound wasn't quite what I wanted.

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    I bought a used Due this summer and this A440 about a week ago

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Probably the best oval hole I’ve played or owned. I played some tunes with a friend this afternoon, and you could hear the sound bouncing off the walls.
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    I got a closeup look at a Campenella F style a while back. Didn't get a chance to play it, but it's like holding a work of art. Aesthetically beautiful if you like the look of an old violin. Owner only played it a couple of numbers since he was the bass player primarily. It was a pure acoustic show and didn't cut through particularly well. What I could hear sounded good.
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    I played a couple of his mandolins when Joe was first starting. I really would love to play one of the more recent ones. They are beautiful, perfect aesthetic for my eyes.

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