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Thread: ToneDexter on a F5 mandolin

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    Default ToneDexter on a F5 mandolin

    Hi picking fellows,

    for several months now I work with the ToneDexter, creating wave maps for several stringed instruments (mandolin, guitar, dobro, Weissenborn, bouzouki) and trying them out on stage. Here is one for mandolin I'm happy so far in live settings. But I'm pretty sure I still can improve. I have my opinions on the sound of my current wave map but I'd love to know what you hear.

    Recording setup:
    I mic'd the mandolin with a Neumann KM84 and recorded direct to DAW
    I sent the ToneDexter signal to an active speaker (QSC K8.2) and mic'd the speaker with another KM84. Sent this signal to DAW as well.
    No EQ used, only high pass filter on each track.
    Pickup in my Collings F5 mandolin is a K&K.


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