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    Watching the Ken Burns special, I was surprised (and disappointed) to see just a short mention of the Blue Sky Boys. I've long admired the mandolin playing in their music. They are possibly not a great influence but I really like their old timey style. I recall reading somewhere that Earl initially played mandolin but later switched off with Bill who took over the mando end. Is Bill the only player on their recorded output? Or is Earl on mando in there somewhere?

    Any info appreciated.


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    That's par for the course for Ken Burns-- he puts his main focus on a limited number of people.

    I see that the Wikipedia article mentions Earl starting off on mandolin, but I have never heard that mentioned elsewhere. I don't know whether Wikipedia's information is accurate or not-- Wikipedia is loaded with inaccuracies, most of them minor.

    I think it would be safe to say that Bill did all the mandolin playing during their recording career.

    I remember that the first time I heard the Blue Sky Boys, I didn't know what to make of them. Later, I grew to admire their work very much.

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