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Thread: Godin a8 tail piece

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    Default Godin a8 tail piece

    Can someone point me to an online site that definitely has one? For the life of me cannot find one!

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    Default Re: Godin a8 tail piece

    i replaced mine with a solid type, that was recommended here, much better, the one the supply is pretty cheap

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    Default Re: Godin a8 tail piece

    From the pictures that looks like a normal stamped Gibson style tailpiece.
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    Question Bene Sugg : get one made...

    I had a Custom Install of RMC pickups (on a 4 string, solid body) after having an A8,
    best build, for pickup performance, \
    has more down force on the bridge
    added benefit? as is the top G kept falling off its perch, into the other G ...
    I had an older A8 , which had a fixed bridge..

    So a better tailpiece would come up much closer to the bridge

    (unless, in theory, you raise the bridge high and adjust the bolt on neck angle to suit)

    bend the base to lay flat against the top at least, the factory does that.
    harder to do with a cast tailpiece..

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