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    Hi, Everyone:

    I'm looking for online mandolin technique or practice resources. i have lots of repertoire stuff, but am more curious about things like appreggios and music theory. As long as it's online and you recommend it, I'll check it out. Pay or by donation is okay, but free is great.

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    You could try, he's got a good music theory series
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    Check out Matt Flinner online courses. Right now he’s running a double stop and scales intensive...lots of exercises with scales, double stops, arpeggios, etc and then how to think about applying them to a tune and your playing.
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    Click on my signature, or check out my Classifieds/Mandolin Accessories ad for what's free (now).

    No instructional material per se (meaning, ya kinda gotta already know what you're doing), but lots of arpeggios.

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