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    Over my many years of playing & teaching (I'm in my 70's now) I've struggled to find the most effective way to help students develop right hand skills. Truth be told, it's the hardest part of playing any folk stringed instrument. I've always rejected the idea of "strumming patterns" for anything beyond learning the beginning hand to hand coordination & allowing one to participate in jam sessions etc. I've developed what I call The Right Hand Menu around the concept that there are "X number of things" your right hand can do. Not unlike the analogy to say Mexican food, where there are "X number of ingredients" in the numerous different delicious items on the menu, if you catch my drift. If one feels the need to have that explained in depth, I have a book that can be found in Mandolin Cafe's classifieds.

    Apologies to the left-handed players, you'll need to call it The Left Hand Menu, but you're used to those adjustments I suppose?

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    I did a couple things to help my hand strength and ability to manipulate the pick. One was I use those Chinese balls you roll around in your hand. Two I hold the pick in my hand and practice manipulating its position with just my fingers once I can make a movement I then work on doing it while swinging my hand around. I know it sounds funny but it worked for me.
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    Is there a link to more information about the book?

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