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Thread: Free Online Mandolin Workshop - Brainstorming

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    Smile Free Online Mandolin Workshop - Brainstorming

    Hi fellow mandolinists,

    My name is Davey and I would like to host a free online mandolin workshop for our community as a way to introduce myself to you as a music educator. Iíve taught for many years and love covering every detail about music and our fantastic little instrument of choice.

    Please view this post as an invitation to join me and Iíd love for you to post what times and days of the week you would be most excited to partake in a workshop and what topics would be the most helpful to you as a musician.

    Thanks so much!


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    Whatever oneís playing level, and whatever grade of mandolin one has, what are the checkpoints of technique, mechanics, etc., that help pull the best possible tone out of the instrument as we play?

    I used to think it was my starter mandolin holding me back, but now I see that I can make even a Northfield sound like someone strangling a goose unless I pay particular attention to certain details ó pick grip and looseness of grip, pick angle and taking care not to dig in too much, playing up near the start of the neck, not fretting too hard, fingering close to the fret, and above all else, RELAXATION because any muscle tension anywhere seems to tighten up the sound. Trick seems to be getting all the above into muscle memory through practice, so itís automatic during play and doesnít have to be thought about (like the mechanics of a golf swing).

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    Hi Gina,

    Thanks so much for your input. I think that your subject of tone production is the perfect topic for the workshop!

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    I'll be hosting the first free online workshop this Thursday at 6:30pm central time. Please PM me if you would like to tune in and join!



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