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    First loop out of my upgraded looping rig. I'm playing a tricked out Zakk Wylde Les Paul PeeWee into a Yamaha AW1600 audio workstation I upgraded to SD card.

    The PeeWee is tuned in 5ths - Eb Bb F C G D - which gives it a huge amount of range that I tried to capture in this clip. I call it double-extended range tenor tuning because standard tenor tuning of CGDA sits in the middle of the fretboard being extended in all directions - up, down and sideways.

    The PeeWee (19" scale 6 string) is equipped with an EMG 89 wired to a Seymour Duncan Triple-Shot pickup ring so I can switch between single coil and humbucker without drilling more holes in the body. I really love this pickup for both its single-coil and humbucker tones. The triple-shot has 2 switches - 1 changes between single/humbucker and the other bypasses the stacked tone/volume pot acting like a boost switch (zero load).

    It's an ad-hoc jam with my BeatBuddy drum pedal through a Pigtronix Infinity looper. | oKee.ComX

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