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Thread: Trump tariffs and Eastman

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    Default Trump tariffs and Eastman

    Nothing political here... --snip--

    Actually, yes, the title is a direct violation of Forum guidelines. If you wish to discuss tariffs there is a more appropriate fashion in which to do so. As a rule this forum has endured multiple presidents and naming any one of them makes it a political statement.
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    Default Re: Trump tariffs and Eastman

    My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that the tariff increased 10% on 1 September. That doesn't seem like a showstopper to me.

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    Default Re: Trump tariffs and Eastman

    Nothing political here either... I wouldn't get too worked up over it.
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    Default Re: Trump tariffs and Eastman

    I am concerned about this and I have been wondering when the tariffs would begin to affect instrument and amplifier availability, as well as consumer pricing. It is a real threat to those who rely on access to quality, affordable instruments in the USA.
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