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    I was selling my tenor banjo but when someone asked me about it, I took it out of it's case and started playing it again. In the past I have strung it in fifths and chicago with steel strings and have strung is with nylon strings in re-entrant tuning so that it was essentially a baritone banjolele. I could play it "claw hammer" style.
    Sellers remorse struck and I have decided to keep it. Is anyone else using a tenor banjo in this way?

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    I'm Chicago tuning on everything, including my banjos. my 0-18t tenor guitar is strung with 2 silk and steel wound strings and Thomastik-Infeld wound nylon tape trebles. Where I get odd is my banjos. They are strung with nylon. my little Hoyt 10" banjo is a 5 string but it is strung as a baritone ukulele with a G drone(5th) string. My Ode long neck is strung the same way only with all nylon harp strings.
    I sold my tenor scale banjolele because I missed the 5th string but I wish I hadn't.
    Martin 0-18t tenor guitar
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    Kerry Bannister mahogany baritone uke
    Harmony baritone 8 string custom uke
    Hoyt 10" baritone banjo/uke

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    When I used nylon strings on the tenor banjo, I used a set of Worth Clears and tuned it dGBE. I am using the Thomastik Infield wounds on my tenor ukuleles with Worth Clear on the two E and A strings.

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