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    I got to play last night with a friend who used his new to him mixer. His job is sound and video installations for museums, theaters, corporate boardrooms, amusement parks, etc., anywhere sound and video is needed. Recently a corporate board room upgraded their system and he got the old mixer for free. When new this was a $10,000 piece of gear. Two rack size with nothing but inputs and outputs, with everything controlled via computer. He had written the interface so he could use QSC software. He had me controlling my own monitor mix with my i Phone.. Slick. Very high quality EQ and other FX. Ran two QSC 10" powered speakers. Very easy setup and great sound. There is an audible difference with this level of gear, pretty much like everything else. What a great thing to fall into your lap.
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    That sounds cool! What was it? You've seen me post i love QSC so I bet it sounded great. I'm still using a Yamaha mg10!
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