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Thread: Marty Stuart Mandolin Solo

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    Default Marty Stuart Mandolin Solo

    Anybody happen to catch Marty Stuart's rendition of Orange Blossum Special last night? I knew he had guitar chops, didn't realize he is in top form on the mandolin.

    Starts around 38:00
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    Default Re: Marty Stuart Mandolin Solo

    Yes ! Got to be a fiddle solo for me !
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    Default Re: Marty Stuart Mandolin Solo

    Marty's great be it on mando or guitar! Love the Clarence B-bender. Check out his mandolin stuff when he was a kid in the early 70s with Lester Flatt and then go slowly forward in time! Great stuff, I got to finally see him and his band a few years ago at our County Fair and it wasn't a disappointment at all, "well I knew it wouldn't be anyways" he did some mandolin solo stuff and his band is what Country music should be!

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    Marty Stuart's the one who got me in to mandolin. I've seen him do this version live and it's even more incredible.

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    Marty was playing mandolin with Lester Flatt and The Nashville Grass when he was 14. Not only is he an accomplished guitar and mandolin player, he plays a dang good fiddle to.
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    After his time with Nashville Grass Marty toured with Doc Watson in the late 1970s till 1980. The first time I saw Doc was from the end of the last tour though Marty Stuart was not nearly so well known at the time.

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    Default Re: Marty Stuart Mandolin Solo

    There is a famous Lester Flatt intro of Marty at 13 years old doing “Rawhide” with Bill Monroe standing in the wings it has the most electrifying last lick ever!
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    Default Re: Marty Stuart Mandolin Solo

    He plays a beat up old mandolin made by old friend Chris Warner, who also played banjo with Jimmy Martin among others. Yeah I remember that kid playing with Lester and Nashville Grass.

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