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Thread: Northfield archtop guitar-bodied OM

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    Default Northfield archtop guitar-bodied OM

    Played one today. Oh man! Amazing setup (practically played itself) and great tonal response through the entire range.

    Asking price was $4K, which is $3,980 more than I had on me. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: Northfield archtop guitar-bodied OM

    You did better then me, I visited elderly last year and should’ve left my credit cards at home...

    But I do still love the octave! “Great tonal response through the entire range” is a good description.

    I don’t play it in my bluegrass band but I am working it into some solo/duo/trio stuff I am doing and it is wonderful
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    Default Re: Northfield archtop guitar-bodied OM

    they are pretty awesome! I bought a flat top which is a whole different sound but also really sweet.
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    Default Re: Northfield archtop guitar-bodied OM

    I played one at Elderly a few weeks ago and it was awesome. I also played a Pono there and it was quite good. Not as good as the Northfield, but very good.
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