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Thread: Kentucky octave mandolin

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    Does anyone have any information on Kentucky octave mandolins made in Japan in the '80s? I've seen a few references to mandocellos but little or nothing about OMs. Any info would be helpful especially where made and how many. Thanks. - Ken

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    If you're referring to the Kentucky "Dawg" series of mandolins, mandolas and octaves I think they are all somewhat rare. I don't recall seeing a 'cello along those lines though.

    I am fortunate to own a Dawg 'dola from Mr. Grisman's personal collection. I hope other Dawg model owners will reply.
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    Not necessarily referring to the dawg mandocellos which I think were A style but rather an F style octave mandolin. I believe I've seen a couple.

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    There is one in the classified right now , you may try contacting the seller he may have so info he says it's an older one. Looks nice, I'd like to try it , but couldn't afford to spend what he wants. I'll just have to keep playing my MK
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