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Thread: F5's from $3000-5000 worth considering - Sept '19

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    Default Re: F5's from $3000-5000 worth considering - Sept '19

    Kevin Briggs ..... I'll go along with you. For an F... that Pava satin is bound to be a killer. If you ever get over the -gotta-have-an-F & get to the it's-all-about-the-tone.... You'll be in good company with Tim O'Brien & Norman Blake. Collings has continually upped their mandolin game since they started building. MT-2 are wonderful mandolins. & $5k with a little luck will get you a lightly used Tom Ellis A, varnish.

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    Default Re: F5's from $3000-5000 worth considering - Sept '19

    There is a slightly used Ellis A-5 in the classifieds as we speak......

    In the OP's price range there are a lot of good choices, This BRW F-5 just hit the classifieds too.....


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