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Thread: XT D'Addario Mandolin Strings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bertotti View Post
    Monels? I have never tried them how do they compare to TI?
    Monel is a nickel-copper alloy. Resistant to caustic stuff,salts.

    I have played monel mandolin sets from Daddario and Martin(made in Mexico and cost less). I like the Martins ok(on snakehead),but prefer the
    sound of the Daddarios on my F style. Maybe less overtones with the monel. Kind of older-timey vintage,possibly Gibsonish tone. Some have stated that monels strings don't have the same volume as PB.

    The Thomastik strings are flatwound,so whole nother batch of taters. They are so nice to the left hand witn sqeaky-free sliding. I think
    they are great on old oval hole Gibsons. Noticeable decrease in volume imho. I used to think"they're dead when they go on and dead when you take them off." Cost even more than XTs. Sort of mando-specific strings if not stylistic. At my age one set would last me a lifetime.

    I'm learning Old Ebeneezer Scrooge from Tabledit at half speed(thank you,Mike Stangeland,wherever you are.) The new XTs are strong. They do tune up nicely.

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    Default Re: XT D'Addario Mandolin Strings?

    I apologize. I was mistaken about the specific D'addario strings I've been using. The set that I'm satisfied with is not the XT but the EXP74. Sorry about my confusion. The EXP74 have been the both the best phosphor bronze and coated mandolin strings I've ever used.

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    Default Re: XT D'Addario Mandolin Strings?

    I put on a new set of the XT D'Addario strings (11-40) yesterday and went out to a jam last night to try them out.

    Less than five minutes of the new-string jangly metallic sound that I hate. So the strings seem to settle in very fast.
    The tone is brighter than the Monels that I've been using lately, as expected. Not quite so bright as J74s to my ear, but not far off.
    The feel of the strings to the fingertips is good. None of that "sqeaky-clean" sticky feel that I notice with EXPs (and don't like).

    First Impression: Sound good; feel good; brighter than monel; feel like non-coated.
    Only time will tell how long the good qualities will last before needing a string change.

    “Sharps/Flats” “Accidentals”

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    Default Re: XT D'Addario Mandolin Strings?

    Anyone else tried the new XT and can report back?

    I've had about three sets on the mandolin now and initially, very good tone and volume but they do seem to die to quickly as volume just goes away and tone gets too muddy. A little disappointed. Maybe it's me and what I put them thru but was expecting more.
    "Can I have a little more talent in the monitors please?"

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    Default Re: XT D'Addario Mandolin Strings?

    We mailed 5 packages to winning entries yesterday, USPS Priority, so could arrive Wednesday, Thursday at latest. Believe 5 winners that are Forum members--I typically check just out of personal interest, so they should be able to report soon.

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