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Thread: Rogues for experimentation

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    Default Rogues for experimentation

    Another Rogue thread. But not about how they play.

    I'm an amateur and that includes at adjustments. I am no luthier though.

    I've been considering getting a Rogue for trying adjustments so I can learn the finer points of adjustments to the bridge and nut without risking breaking the more expensive mandolin that I usually play. With them on sale currently for the holiday on Musician's Friend it sounded like a decent investment (and I heard you can make Rogues sound good too with Mr. Meldrum's guide and maybe learn some things too).

    How do Rogues do as guinea pig mandolins for some experimental surgery? Would it help me learn?

    Am I a bad enough dude to feed the addiction and own two mandolins?

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    Default Re: Rogues for experimentation

    Sure, go for it ! I played on ONE Rogue once and it didn't sound too bad ! You need a backup anyway !
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    Default Re: Rogues for experimentation

    My thoughts if solid wood "top at least" and cheap enough "maybe find a used on evilbay or the like?" practice set-up maybe? Take the back off and re-graduate, maybe also replace or take down tone bars? All sorts of mods can be done on lesser instruments to make them 100% better IMHO, In that case maybe used would be the way to go? I've bought a few Japanese old lawsuit guitars and a few mandolins for when I get my little shop going for such modification!
    I've converted some old Gibson A's from the 30's. built my own Martin herringbone D-28 Kit in the mid 90's while a teenager, modified some Blueridge guitars and some of those solid wood Marlboro guitars "you could get years ago with a whole lot of smoking for the miles and 50 bucks!" The results were stellar on all I did!

    Your no bad dude to have 2 mandolins-I have over 20 now and all quality high end stuff, but have had 100 or more in my quest to get better ones or trade up!

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    Default Re: Rogues for experimentation

    The Rogue doesn't have a solid top. It is however and excellent instrument to learn on and forum member Rob Meldrum has offered a free e-book for years that uses the Rogue to teach how to do setups. Even if you don't get it at the holiday price the normal price is cheap.
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    Default Re: Rogues for experimentation

    Don't think of it as "buying a mandolin" when you're actually "investing in your education"... which you pretty much did say, above. By most measures, the Rogue is economical, o/t than being a gateway drug to the string of the tools that you'll want later.

    FWIW, my not-too-terrible-to-be-seen-in-public Rover came from similar thinking!
    - Ed

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    Yes,but only if you are going to level the frets. That can be trying the first time. I bought my MK just for this reason. Do not expect a satisfying instrument though. My MK is solid wood, but still, it is what it is. It was still good enough to get me hooked on scroll.
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