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    Default Z Mandolins

    Anybody seen or played these ? What do you think ?

    As a man newbie to the instrument (I am getting a nice Eastman MD505, more than I could have wished for mid Sept) , I am not really a potential buyer now ... but I have played for a decade the bass (guitar) and settled for good on carbon fiber basses. I wonder if the graphite bug will bite me also in this new musical journey

    Anyway , half an introduction of myself, half a request for opinions

    PS it seems graphite mound are getting cheaper if you can have such a short run for this instrument

    Here a link

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    Default Re: Z Mandolins

    Welcome to the madness! Never played a carbon fiber mandolin but that one sure looks KOOL! I can't imagine they sound anything like a solid wood mandolin but I bet one needs not to worry about cracks-humidity issues?

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    For your convenience... Z-Mandolins web site

    A couple of video clips from the site:

    more video clips here
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    Carbon fiber guitars sound just like guitars, so that mando probably sounds just like a mando.

    It looks just like a bottle opener.

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    The carbon graphite instruments I've heard, cellos and guitars, are quite nice, and in harsh environments make a lot of sense. No car trunk worries, or issues if you live on a boat. You'd be a big hit at festivals and jams too. Everyone would want to try one. Could be the ultimate bar gig ax too.
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