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    In the kit description linked above it says the top and back are “precarved”. Does this mean they are carved with the gradations Siminoff describes in his book about building mandolins? If the answer is no is it possible to do so? I’m especially concerned about the areas around the f holes on the top. Thanks

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    Call International Violin and speak to Ken. He’ll be glad to tell you about it.

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    They are precarved to the kit manufacturers specifications, not Siminoff's. In the past some but not all have been thinner than Siminoff's.
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    I'm in the finishing stages of a kit from IV's latest batch. Per Mike's comment, they won't match exactly.

    The top I found was near dead on in the center (no room to remove any more) and toward the edges of the plate, I had plenty of room to shape and remove material to get it to the Siminoff dimensions and what I thought would sound good.

    The back was interesting. I spoke with Ken W on the phone, and ended up going significantly thinner than the Siminoff dims to get it where I wanted it. I've only played it in the white, but I liked what I heard.
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